stolen bike dynasty

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

i love vpd

here i posted on a myspace bulletin but still good times

me: walking home LATE from work after being dropped off at Arbutus and Broadway

VPD: along with three other crusiers stop me within two mintues, saying i didn't listen to them (i was listening to my ipod, i did not hear police call at first) and saying i fit profile of someone breaking into cars. haha I even got to put my hands on the hood of the car just like on TV

after confusion is settled they leave me alone and do not apologize

two blocks later I get stopped again (more fun), different cops hahahaha good times. I explain what happend two seconds earlier and they think I'm being smart. Cop pulls out handcuffs, I am very nervous, but tired. Then they make a call and leave me alone

I finally get to walk home and thinking about long loss twin brother who my paretns never told me about who is apparently on the loose in kits

I love working overtime :)

happy halloween

Anyways no games tonight as i am tired, but last night I beat Utah 31-28 and Arkansas 27-20 putting me at 4-0 in the season with a tough game at Florida coming up


p.s Friday Night Lights the TV show is sweet and t he cheerleader chick is pretty money (hahaha thats so 90s swingers of me to say)


  • hahhaha....Vancouver is racist....the LAPD would have bought you a latte at Coffee Bean...

    By Blogger Christian, at 1/11/06 6:53 AM  

  • Young filipino got it bad cuz ur brown
    And not the other color so police think
    They have the authority to harass an ethnic minority.

    next on the list — get pulled over riding your bike w/o a helmet so I can post lyrics about them tryin to catch you "ridin dirtay".

    By Anonymous jeff, at 2/11/06 9:50 AM  

  • Enough of this charade, come home where you belong Myles. The team needs you.

    By Anonymous CA, at 15/12/06 12:08 PM  

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