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Monday, November 20, 2006

OU / BAMA recap & racist kramer

okay it was tough, but I've moved on. I recruited the #1 class and all my key seniors will have decent NFL careers. I'm pretty excited about several players, including the state MVPs from Alabama, Texas & Cali. Detailed report to come. But one must learn from his past mistakes, Like Michael Richards (Kramer) should learn from this outburst. Apparently he'll be on Letterman tonight apologizing. Anyways here is a recap of that terrible night in New Orleans

DT Bernard Quinn and QB Chad Arnold at the coin toss for their last ever game in the Crimson and White. Yall both be missed, sho nuff.

TE Eric Goolsby (who seems to be in an unknown booster's pocket) with a key catch here in traffic that set up a FG. Scoring was low in the 1st Half, OU had the only TD (a 91 yard bomb) and they were up 10-6.

If there were a 6th man award in football, it would go to QB Terrence Graves. Several times this year, Graves has come in off the bench to spark the offense with his Vince Young talent. Here Graves is running in for an important 2 point conversion that tied the game at 20. It looked as if K Jason Hall would be the only scorer as Bama found themselves down 20-12. But a pass TD to SR Joel Thompson set up this 2 point conversion

In the dying seconds of the 4th quarter Joel Thompson caugh a pass on a 3rd down to set up a 30 yard GW FG..........

...............Jason Hall who was 4 for 4, kicked wide right sending the game into overtime

OU won the coin toss and Bama was first on offense. Pass play in the spread formation was the 1st playcall and I misjudged dime CB Clifford Cleveland who ran for the national championship winning TD. Above picture is posted in Coach Namath's office as a reminder and for motivation.

Key Stats
Chad Arnold 15-24-219-1-2
Joss Reese 120 yards
Joel Thompson 4-66-1
Brandon Luke 5-82
Harrison "Vegas Sunshine" 7 t, 1 s
OU QB Brandon Davis 119 yards 1 TD, 111 rush yards

WVU ended winning the orange bowl, giving the College Football world two undefeated teams, while Bama finished #3. With Coach Namath's blessing Brandon Luke declared early for the NFL Draft. Despite the loss, the 2011 Bama perhaps jumps ahead of my Leafs in NHL 94 or my Gonzaga Bulldogs in March Madness 2005 as my favorite all time video game team. The Leafs and Bulldogs both won championships, proving that winning ain't everything. Yes that was a chessy line to end this post, but I really loved this team.


p.s. thanks Ohio St for giving me Josh Reese :)


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