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Thursday, November 23, 2006

cory's profile and web cred

okay so I've spent a good portion of november trying to figure out Cory's Blogger profile. Is it some alternate reality game like CAthy's Book? (which by the way is very cool)Anyways I finally figured it out

You have to dig a hole to China. Where do you start?

Where do ants go when it rains??

hmmmm part one of the question, I dunno Mongolia? Richmond B.C.? Spadina and Dundas? Why does some L.A. chick want to go to China anyway? I heard its communist. And where in China does she want to go. Hong Kong? Xinjiang Province???? You perplex me Cory!

Part Two: they die, in an ant hill, in the grass. blaaaaaaaahhhh driving me crazy, what are you trying to say Cory, what?

It took me awhile but I finally realized that these aren't questions or some game, but rather some clever way of saying that she's.......

are you ready?.............

are you sure???????

it will blow your mind!!!!!


hahhahahha you rule Cory. I finally get it. By the way she's much taller than I thought. Also her web cred got bigger when she was denied entry into elitist website Wikipedia. Here was the response from wikipedia's factonistas:

There is no evidence that The Cobra Snake is itself a notable website, or that the parties she attends are notable, so all the more there cannot be evidence that she is notable for being on The Cobra Snake or for attending parties.

If she's an internet phenomenon, the internet doesn't really seem to be aware of that.

If the girl actually sticks around, there'll be media, and you can rewrite the article about her then. Does it really hurt that much if the interweb's flavor of the month doesn't automatically get a Wikipedia article? There's something to be said for standards.

anyways wikipedia bites, our wiki (which has hardcore info on me and Lander's dynasties, is so much better)


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