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Sunday, November 26, 2006

reese / arnold, go 1-2 in NFL Draft

This is like seeing your kids go off to college. Very touching day. Josh Reese returns to his home state of Ohio. 6 members of the Crimson Tide were drafted in the 1st round, 12 in total. Most 1st rounders are expected to start. With the 1st overall pick in the Draft, the Cleveland Browns took Reese and signed him to a symbolic 4 year 44.4 million dollar contract with a 10 million dollar bonus. Reese wore #44 at Alabama. The next pick went to San Francisco and they must be pissed with Alex Smith, because they took QB Chad Arnold and signed him to a 7 year 71.8 million dollar contract. Reese came in with an 86 rating, while Arnold had 90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "CHAD IS FAB" tshirts are already top sellers in San Fran. However I'm most proud of Bernard Quinn who grew up as a poor country boy in Mississippi and now he can buy his family a nice house after signing a 5 year 44.6 million dollar contract. Draft details below:

1-1 Josh Reese HB, Cleveland Browns
1-2 Chad Arnold QB, San Francisco 49ers
1-14 Brandon Luke WR, Carolina Panthers
1-24 Bernard Quinn DT, Cincinnati Bengels
1-25 Jason Parker DE, Chicago Bears
1- 31 Marvin Harrison MLB, Indianapolis Colts
2-44 Joel Thompson WR - Washington Redskins
2-58 Jason Miles CB - Kansas City Chiefs
3-73 Lance Scott FB - Minnesota Vikings
4-97 Seth Bailey DE - Cleveland Browns
6-161 Casey Maynard C - Cleveland Browns
6-171 Bryan Mitchell TE - Jacksonville Jags

LSU QB and NCAA PASS TD record holder, Michael Snyder wasn't picked until the 2nd round where he went to the Vikings (very happy that I will no longer have to play him in college). Bama DT Zach Saint Preux went undrafted but signed a 1 year deal with the Browns, while K Jason Hall who was projected as a 3rd round pick, also went undrafted. His missed FG has blacklisted him amongst NFL GMs. Have fun with the Blue Bombers jerk.


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