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Saturday, November 25, 2006

a tale of three QBs

Making this quick because this UF / Kansas college ball game is pretty sweet and Veronica Mars disc 5 season is calling. Anyways I had a rare day off today and I must say that was worth it to see Dwayne Jarrett perform the way he did with a seperated shoulder. So Dynasty report, I play #7 West Virginia (I'm #2) and they have a sweet QB in JR Mike Forte from Fullerton, PA. Check out his stats

FR 2208 yards 30 TDs; 661 yards rushing, 5 TDs; Freshman All American
SO 2077 yards 32 TDs ; 1115 yards rushin, 8 TDs; 1st Team All American

In those two years of starting, WVU has only one lost. They were undefeated last year but screwed out of the title. As for Bama's situation I am going to have to use speedy Terrence Graves along with pocket QB Travis Spicer (pictured right). Everyone knows I've been a flip flopper when it comes to playbooks but all of last year, West Virginia's playbook was perfect for my team. In my season opener, it did not work so good against Northwestern. So I've been trying out the playbooks of UND, USC and Ohio St. in practice, and UND has the slight edge as I will be able to use my two QB system, while still focusing the offense around Steve Ferguson. But I think the game will come down to the three QBs Forte, Spicer & Graves

I doubt I'll play my south vs. southwest game, but if I do, I am giving myself a 10 point spread and here are the slider codes on heisman

off: aBWqHse1
def: VSGMEYq1

use hand cuff pennant


  • I got worries about WVU...but more worries about the QB controversy, how is it affecting the team? Can I get an interview? some details? something?

    By Anonymous rdale, at 26/11/06 8:24 PM  

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