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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

eat it wvu & F U pigeons

a snow storm hit vancouver and we survived water-gate 2006 (hahahaha I thought of that one on my own) and for the first time I think I felt at home out here on the west coast. Surviving pseudo disasters (SARS, Eastern Shore blackout, etc.) and 1st snowfalls are Toronto staples. So when I woke up to Ontario-esque snow on sunday morning me and a couple of friends went to the beach and pretty much had a sweet snow day. Very much reminded me of being a kid in toronto, making crappy snowmen and chucking snowballs at birds. Particularly pigeons, I hate those a$$holes. F U Pigeons

So with work hours and fun in the snow I've been distracted from the Dynasty for a bit, but I managed to finally play my game against #7 WVU. And after trying a couple games out on the 360, I realized that Current Gen NCAA is where its at and my WVU game did not disappoint. Holy smokes was I wrong in thinking that QBs would make the difference in this game. This game was all kicking. First off, QB Terrence Graves knocked out any thoughts of a 2 QB system, his stats weren't impressive going 11-16 and 165 yards and 31 yards rushing, but he didn't screw up. There was no need to put in SR Travis Spicer, but he did throw a sweet 30 yard bomb at the end of the 1st half to set up an important FG. Anyways long story, short, my Defense was sick (though it still feels awkward with all the new starters) and my converted Punter Justin Brooks hit two 50 yard FGs, one of which was the Game Winner in a 23-20 Bama victory. Humble FR WR Chris Richard had the first big game of his career with 6 receptions for 123 yards. Richard is featured in this interview,, with his direct opposite, Tampa Thug Jason Weaver.

(sorry for the short update, I really want to finish Season 1 of Veronica Mars 2nite and play my portion of South vs. Southwest, which Landers smoked Bama 34-7, meaning I have to win by 38 points, I want that egg, but I will play the game, as if I didn't know the results of the other game)


  • Yo, I think that picture and description (snow, Toronto peeps) made me want to move to Vancouver....

    Cannot wait to see the winner of SVSW...also check the RPT blog for full 4 quarters including Jason Weaver's 1st TD, Josh Zelman breaking the NCAA record for career TD passes, and the new Arizona D looking strong...

    By Anonymous RPT, at 29/11/06 9:34 AM  

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