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Thursday, November 23, 2006

slow start to season & guns for seniors

okay so we've all seen the UCLA kid get tasered and have heard about 92 year old Kathryn Johnston getting gunned down after shooting three cops. You have some people pointing to these two incidents as prime examples in abusing authority, while others question why campus police and a 92 year old felt the need to have weapons in the first place. Booooorrrrriinnng, if anything these unfortunate events illustrate:

1. how much UCLA sucks: and yes I did make my opinion heard on our generations most important stage, yup a youtube message board

2. the need to better train senior citizens in the use of fire arms. clearly the individual who sold or gave Ms. Johnston (RIP I give kudos for taking out three cops) did not teach her the importance of avoiding retaliation shots after you fire your gatt. We need more gun training for seniors. Bulletproof wheelchairs need to be mass produced. And yes if anything we need to do what C.T. Dirt says on his blog:

"guns deter criminals...seniors are easy prey...seniors with guns are not easy prey...seniors with guns deter criminals! Okay, that riddle is solved!

yeessss, oh by the way TCU Sucks, Roll Tide

So back to more important things.In both our dynasties, me and Landers are having to deal with losing some of our favorite players, not only in NCAA history, but in video game history as a whole. In pro-sports games like Madden or NBA 2k, rarely does one have to rebuild or deal with player loses, where one would be able to just sign a guy to a Rick Dipietro-esque contract (for those who don't follow hockey: he signed with Isles for 15 years). Thats the beauty of college sports games and part of the reason why we are going strong in the 6th years of our dynasties.

But Landers seems to be dealing with his Post-Abdullah days much better than I am with my post Bama 2011 grad class. Game wise that is, not emotional, no one could ever replace Abdullah. But in his cupcake game, Landers blew out Utah state 69-3. Bama on the other hand, had a tough time in a road game against midwest nerds Northwestern. First the excuses, I only returned 3 players on offense (all on the OL) and 5 on defense. So while these guys have all the talent in the world to generate a #2 pre-season ranking, they lack game experience. And it showed as I was only able to beat the midwest nerds 24-14. In his first start at QB Graves rushed for 96 yards, but he only threw for 74 and he had 3 INTs. Spicer was decent going 4 for 9 for 60 yards, so I will probably use a two QB system. SR HB Steve Ferguson bailed the team out with a 105 yard 2 TD performance. All the Freshman that saw the field, played well but they are not ready for #7 West Virginia who is up next in Bama's home opener. Credit to Northwestern, but my team just could not execute. Will be making the switch to Ohio St. playbook as it looks I'll focus my offense around Ferguson.

Reese, Arnold, Thompson, Luke, Quinn, Harrison, Parker, we miss you

K Jason Hall, we don't miss you, screw yourself.


  • granny's got a gun"

    I love that song


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23/11/06 6:14 PM  

  • Man, I still hate Jason Hall, he's the worst...I hope he gets tasered (so the pain keeps going and he's not given death's sweet release)....then gets shot...and his head kicked wide right by Marcel Nakfoor...what...

    By Anonymous Riverdale Palm Trees, at 25/11/06 9:08 PM  

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