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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

graves named starter; sanchez excels in practice

I am working on a detailed recruiting report on my #1 rated class on the wiki, but anyways in the Spring game the Crimson Squad (starters) won 30-20. JR Terrence Graves was named starter after the game an outstanding performance going 6-7 for 80 yards and 1 TD. He was put in, after SR Travis Spicer went 3-13 for 26 yards. Spicer has the tools to be a great NFL QB, but the Linemen weren't blocking for him and the Receivers were dropping his passes. The team clicked with Graves. But Namath to still give Spicer PT if Graves struggles. This situation is unlike the famous Dane Wright / Zelmon deal, as Graves has already proved that he can play well in the clutch

In Septermber we got our first look at all the incoming Freshman and Texas H.S. player of the year, Seth Sanchez (seen above avoiding a tackle by doing a matrix-esque leap) looked sweet. He will play the 3rd down back roll in the offense this year, even though rsFR William Fuller is a higher rated back. Sanchez was recruited as an Athlete and at 6'2 can act as decent WR. He will probably return kickoffs and punts too

Other off-season notes

- converted HB Dominic Coles to FB and he improved by 11 to a 99 overall
- Bama has six new starters on D, including the entire DL
- team will stay with West Virginia's playbook but will also try out Ohio St's
- converted Punter Justin Brooks to K, as no new kicking recruits came in (probably scared because of treatement of Kicker Jason Hall after he missed the FG in the championship game last year)
- top WR is Canadian Kenny Thornton


  • This QB controversy is gonna be interesting...and Sanchez is the next Reese in terms of Bama stardom....I cannot wait for that recruiting report...

    By Anonymous Cthug, at 21/11/06 9:24 AM  

  • At least the offense can rally around your back-up QB...the same cannot be said for Dane Wright. Man, I'm glad Zelman came back. It will be interesting to see how your D-line performs with so many young starters. Yes, it is 3:56 in the AM. I couldn't sleep, so naturally I read fake CFB blogs.

    By Anonymous Mike B, at 22/11/06 3:10 AM  

  • sweet

    I heard your coaching UCLA now, please don't use taser gun on walk ons

    By Blogger broadway mylosh, at 23/11/06 2:41 PM  

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